Oct 16, 2020

Leia Growth Club

The Leia Growth Club is an opportunity for businesses looking to take things to the next level. We’ve partnered up with a few growth-inducing companies to offer our users access to their unique, proprietary tools designed to increase and/or facilitate performance. While some of these may bring on additional costs, discounts are offered to members of the Leia Growth Club, which is only 99 cents per month!

Not using Leia: Website Builder yet? It’s free to get started! You don’t need an account to start building websites, but you’ll need one to sign up for the Leia Growth Club.

The initial Leia Growth Club marketplace consists of three amazing companies with specialized tools, each one bringing exclusive offerings to the club.


SaveDay is a financial technology company looking to facilitate 401(k) investments and provide much needed financial education to small and mid-sized businesses. They offer fully bundled 401(k) plans with no establishment fees and aim to get employees’ money working for them as quickly as possible. SaveDay is only available in the United States.

Growth Channel

Most small businesses struggle with developing and executing a proper marketing plan, but Growth Channel has automated tools to customize a thorough plan to facilitate the process. The team consists of marketing and tech professionals who help navigate the process across all marketing channels at a fraction of the cost of ad agencies.


Worried your marketing dollars are wasted on demographics or in regions you’re not looking to target? Datum, a mobile advertising platform, allows small businesses to micro target their advertising to specific markets using geo-targeting.

Aside from the innovative companies mentioned above, the Leia Growth Club also contains crucial website editor tools from our previous upgrade plans. These include removing ads, access to the Leia blog, eCommerce, & booking platforms, the ability to link to a custom domain, add extra pages, and more, all for only 99 cents per month!

As we expand the Leia Growth Club marketplace, we’ll be seeking out new partners and opportunities with potential to better position subscribers, so stay tuned for updates and additions! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at leia@vybesotware.com.