Feb 7, 2020

An Out-Of-The-Box Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day from Leia: Website Builder

Coming up with a thoughtful gift can be frustrating. You want to give gifts that show you care, and you’d rather not give something that’s ultimately meant for the trash bin.

Here’s an especially novel idea for a gift: a website.

The most common Valentine’s Day gifts are flowers, greeting cards, and candy, but some may be looking for a more creative approach. Giving the gift of an experience, presenting a thoughtful item beautifully, or finding an imaginative way to evoke positive memories are just a few ways some gift-givers can differentiate their gift from others. Giving a website as a gift may sound a bit strange, but it can be a meaningful gesture as it satisfies these few examples.

A visit to a well made website can offer an experience, but one created for a loved one, specifically designed to remind them of a pleasing event or events, maybe featuring an inside joke or anecdote, can be a place to share happiness upon visiting. Unlike most sites on the web, this site wouldn’t be for potential customers, but would only exist for those involved. And it can be updated to reflect any future occurrences that warrant sentimental documentation. A gift website could be seen as both a gift that ‘keeps on giving’ and one that invokes an initial burst of excitement!

With Leia, making a great-looking site is easy! Just a few clicks and you’ve got a site, ready for you to put your gift-giving spin on it. The toolbox is super user friendly, so it’s easy for you to customize every section of your page to your liking, and you can fill just about every available section with happy memories, accessible from any device. You can customize the URL to any available ‘.site.live’ for free, or upgrade your site if you’d rather get a ‘.com.’

Have you planned a surprise of some kind? Have you made all of the arrangements for a romantic getaway, secured a reservation at the romantic restaurant downtown, or bought that charming piece of jewelry they’ve been wanting? You can put a twist on your custom website and make it your method of revealing the special surprise!

So, if you’re looking for something that exists just outside the Valentine’s Day gift-giving box, consider creating a website for your loved one! Visit HeyLeia.com or download Leia: Website Builder on the App Store or Google Play, and get started on your special Valentine’s Day website today!

Submit your site and win!

Send in your special Valentine’s Day sites to any of Leia’s social media sites. Our team will pick the most creative and the winner will receive a free, one year Leia Business upgrade on any of their Leia sites! Either post your site on our Facebook page or send via DM to any of our other social sites by next Friday, February 14th and we’ll announce the winner the following Monday!

Check out our Valentine’s Day demo!


If you want to check out our demo site, I changed the URL to ValentinesDayLeia.site.live! Happy valentine’s Day!

Second Edit:

My demo site is now the original build by Leia; I forgot to listen to my own advice and didn’t save my changes! Learn from my mistake and save frequently!!