Feb 12, 2020

Leia Websites by Historical Figures I: People who Changed the World

Our first installment in this series features some of the most influential people in history. Each of these people have contributed much to the advancement of humankind. If they had access to Leia: Website Builder in their day, here’s what their autobiographical sites could have looked like!

Mohandas Gandhi

Gandhi helped India gain independence from British rule, which inspired freedom and civil rights movements around the world. An extremely humble and altruistic person, he probably would have had less images of himself on his Leia site. Nonetheless, here’s what his site could have looked like!


Marie Curie

Marie’s was a physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. She received two Nobel Prizes; not only was she the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, she was the first person ever to receive a second!


Amelia Earhart

If you’ve heard the name, you know she was a talented pilot who went missing on a trip around the world. Did you know she set many aviation records? She spent a lot of time in cockpits, and here’s what I think her Leia site may have looked like had she had access to a modern mobile communication device or desktop computer!


If you’d like to come up with your own ideas of what other historical figures’ Leia sites might be, head to HeyLeia.com and start creating! Feel free to send your site links or any other Leia site questions to Leia@vybesoftware.com. Thanks for reading!