Feb 3, 2020

Leia: Website Builder Upgrade Features

Now that you’ve gone through the steps to create a website, it’s time to take advantage of all Leia has to offer. Out the gate, you can edit text & images, link to social media sites, and redesign either the entire page or individual sections. If you’d like to take your site to the next level, you might consider upgrading. In case you’re unsure, there’s a 7-day money back trial for you to experience the upgrades before you fully commit.

Leia has two upgrade options available: Pro and Business. Leia Pro is the first upgrade tier, and all Pro upgrades are included with the Business upgrade. An upgrade to Leia Pro is currently $49.99 per year, which is about $4.17 a month, and Leia Business is $79.99 per year or $6.67 a month.

Remove the Logo!

Once you’ve built a site, you may notice the ‘Powered by Leia’ logo in the bottom left corner. This is very common when working with website builders; in order to remove this from your site, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade.


The most common reason for a website to sell products and services. An upgrade to Leia Pro will get you access to Leia’s eCommerce service booking platforms. The eCommerce platform is like any other; users can add products with descriptions, photos, prices, delivery options, and more. Booking services are similar, but users can select servicing schedules, time windows, and durations.

Each of your websites will have its own dashboard, accessible via the ‘My Projects’ page, and this is where products and services can be edited. Past sales data and other relevant settings are also accessible in the dashboard as well. If you haven’t purchased the upgrade for a particular website, you will not have access to the dashboard for that site.


If this looks confusing to you, you probably shouldn’t edit the HTML on your Leia website!

If you have experience in HTML, the Pro upgrade will also give you access to edit the HTML of the head tag and each individual section of your site. We do not encourage those who have never worked with HTML to mess around in these editors without technical supervision!

Adding Stuff

Before you’ve subscribes to either upgrade, you’re only able to link within your page, to phone numbers and email addresses, and to social media sites. You’ll need an upgrade if you’d like to link anywhere else on the web.

Linking outside of your page

With Pro, you’re able to add sections and elements to your site. You can design custom sections and insert them anywhere on your page other than above the header and footer. If one of your sections is missing something, you can add text in the form of a title or paragraph, a link, an icon, a customizable button, an image, or you can embed media to display things like a custom PayPal button or a video!

Moving on to Leia Business

Leia Pro upgrades are a great way to get more out of your website, however if you’re interested in getting the most out of your Leia site, I’ll get into the features included in the Business upgrade.

Free Domain Name & SSL Certificate

Arguably the most value from the Business upgrade comes in the form of a free custom domain name and SSL certificate. The free domain name allows you to choose a custom ‘.com’ name or whatever suffix is available. SSL certificates are important in keeping your site safe from potential security threats.


One of the most useful capabilities offered by the Business upgrade is the blogging feature. Users can easily create time-stamped posts with unique images to keep their customers up-to-date. Blogging is also an excellent way to improve your websites’ SEO. Coincidentally, this upgrade unlocks the ability to add multiple pages to your website, which also helps with SEO.

Page Views

Another useful feature included in the Business upgrade is the access to your websites’ analytics. On the ‘My Projects’ page, for each site with a business upgrade, users can see how many overall and monthly visitors they’ve had to their site. When your site reaches certain milestones, you’ll get a nice little treat!

Finally, if you’re ready to upgrade your site, please remember that upgrades are per site, not per account. If you’re ready to check out these valuable features at reasonable prices, head over to HeyLeia.com, build a site, and check them out for yourself! For an overview of the Leia upgrades, check this out.